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Captain Eric Hill on Preparation and Readiness for Passage Making

There was a packed house at the Port Credit Yacht Club in Mississauga, Ontario to hear Captain Eric Hill, RCAF provide a highly informative presentation on Preparation and Readiness for Passage Making. Captain Hill, of the Royal Canadian Air Force Maritime Helicopter Tactics, is a yacht training...  More >

Safety for Sea Free Presentation Sponsored by Chubb Insurance Company of Canada

Renown Captain Eric Hill of Royal Canadian Air Force Maritime Helicopter Tactics will be providing an informative and possibly life-saving presentation on Safety at Sea at the Port Credit Yacht Club, Monday, November 19, 2012 at 7PM.  It is open to the general public, but space is limited. ....more.   More >

Chubb's Marine Coverage

You want good, solid insurance for your boat, but you don't want to spend time fussing over it. Think Chubb. Chubb insures a broad range of watercraft including mega-yachts, 23-foot day-sailers, runabouts, cabin cruisers, cruising sailboats, and trawlers. With Chubb your boat is covered year round with...  More >

What to Look for in Your Watercraft Insurance

The two most important days for boat owners are the day you buy your boat and the day you insure it. When insuring your boat you should look for agreed value coverage, replacement cost coverage, appropriate liability limits, and broad coverage. To learn more about Chubb Personal Insurance Watercraft...  More >

Insurance Can Increase the Fun Factor!

Fun on the water starts with peace of mind as a boater and an insurance policy that protects you against problems big and small. “Even small things can cause an unexpected loss for a boat owner,” says Tanya Eyram of Chubb Insurance. “And because many people don’t read their entire policy...  More >

Chubb Raises the Sails with a New Standard for Watercraft Insurance

On April 23rd, Chubb Insurance Company of Canada launched its enhanced Watercraft Policy. The policy has several advantages including a new discount, improved deductible options, expanded navigational coverage, travel-sized certificates of insurance and greater damage coverage. The enhanced policy...  More >

Launch with Protection

Who wants to wait for insurance before launching a new boat? What if something happens? Chubb Insurance’s Watercraft Policy allows existing watercraft customers automatic coverage for newly acquired boats for up to 30 days with no size limitation. Coverage extends from the existing policy and...  More >

What Do Insurers Use Marine Surveys For?

Chubb actually reads every marine survey they receive. A survey helps underwriters determine whether a boat is an acceptable risk or not. Upon reviewing a survey report, the first thing the underwriter will look at is the Recommendations section which would consist of statements of fact pertaining...  More >

Marine Surveys?

When the time comes for someone to purchase their “dream boat”, they have so many things running through their minds. They imagine all the time they will enjoy on the water with family and friends. Questions they might not stop to think of: “Is the boat seaworthy?” “Do they need a Marine Survey?” An...  More >

The “Perfect Storm” Means Deals for Canadians on Watercrafts

With Standard & Poors downgrading U.S. bonds and speculation surrounding the Euro, it’s easy to forget that there’s never been a better time to buy a watercraft. While the economies of the world stutter and stall, Canada’s economy has been strong. For watercraft pruchase, it’s a buyer’s...  More >